Too much to handle. . .

Monday, October 15, 2012

So, from the title, I'm betting that some of you would think that, "Oh gosh, here we go again, another post about his work". Fortunately, not today! Well, actually, today is a very very bad day to be blogging. I have work piled up on my desk that I have yet to finish, but really, at least for today, I wanna stop working and head home, as soon as I steal some time to blog. It is, after all, one of the very few moments where I have interesting stories to tell.

For starters, one of the days last week was my birthday. And honestly, I couldn't be more grateful with my friends who took their time to have lunch or dinner with me, and some of them even threw in some surprises, one being my housemates with the cake in my last post.

 Chong Yen and Kok Xian brought me out to dinner in Tony Roma's, and what's more, Chong Yen bought me some gay ass Hokkaido cakes as birthday cake. Why gay ass you mean? It's strawberry flavored. Nonetheless, they were very very nice and I appreciate them taking the time for dinner with me. It's dinner with Mr July from NTU after all =P

And on my birthday, I actually broke my "fast" from alcohol. It's not really anything official or special, just that, the last time I drank before my birthday, was in February or March, which was 6 months ago. It has really been very long since I last drank, which is why it tasted so damn good that day when I drank again for the first time in 6 months. I almost forgot how therapeutic is it to have a drink once in a while and talk with your friends for the night. Of course, we didn't really talk until very late, it was a working day the next day after all, but still, a very enjoyable dinner.
Of course, who could forget the cute birthday card made by some of my students. A big thank you for Chin Ying, Chen Han, Xiu Yi, Jocelyn, Kun Hao and Fiona. Despite a few of them not being in my class, I still appreciate the effort. 

And finally, we came to last Sunday. Last Sunday I became the photographer for Su Yun and gang for their graduation photoshoot around NTU campus. If you must know, this is actually what the title "too much to handle" is referring to. But before we go there, a little story. 

When we got to ADM in NTU, the girls all went on with their make-ups and preparation. Hence, I was with 2 of them on the rooftop of ADM testing my flash and lighting before I start shooting. All of a sudden, Carmen shouted, "Ehh guys, come down please, Su Yun fell down! She needs help" We were all worried when we heard that, hence we started running down the stairs to go down. As I was running, Carmen was very panic and she was saying "Whei Yeap faster, Su Yun needs help to get up, she fell down!" Hence I made my way down the stairs as quickly as possible and ran towards the side of ADM building that Carmen was pointing at, just to find Su Yun holding a cake in her hands and everyone started singing the birthday song for me. I was stunned speechless. I really never expected this from them, and for a second, they really had me worried. Best birthday celebration ever. With the cake, a huge surprise and 7 beautiful ladies, what more could I ask for? Seriously, thanks girls!

Anyway, back to the photoshoot.
Why too much too handle you ask? There were 7 beautiful ladies, but one amateur photographer! I was under a lot of stress to deliver! I really hope that all the photos turned out nice, else I would really feel guilty for wasting their time! I have not finished editing the photos yet, but I'm sharing a few that I like best and that I have edited.
One of the best thing they enjoyed, was my ultra wide angle lens, which made their legs so long! These girls are loving them long legs!
This one was one of my favourite shot. I tried putting a little bit of a Sephia filter on the photo, hope they like it.
And of course, the star shape formed by their gowns.

On and all, I am really happy for all my friends did for me. Of course, not forgetting Yuen Yee, Vui Kiat and Yow who brought me and Siew Loong out for lunch on Saturday. Thanks for coming all the way from all around Singapore for lunch with us! Which is why, I have to take a break from work to write all these down. Till next post!